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photo aideBeing spectator is all very well, but it’s even better to be an actor! Anuncio needs you!

How can you get involved? Very Easy! Anyone can take part in Anuncio’s project, whatever be his possibilities…

“Acting” starts by taking part in the Anuncio festival: you can already register for the Anuncio festival during the 2011 WYD!

Anuncio being a small association, you will be able to find many diferents means to help us, such as to make Anuncio well known… it is possible to be an intermediary with remote parishes (province and abroad): we can send you posters, flyers and can also come and speak about the Festival. If you are interested in organizing an Anuncio mission in your parish, please to contact us…

You can also make a donation: it will partly finance the Festival and enable people with financial difficulties to partake in the Festival.

Your prayer is also very important: it is a simple and effective way of helping us!

Here you will find the practical information to become actors in Anuncio’s project

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